Week # 17

    Closest to Pin :  Art Phillips # 5      Scott Chauvin # 8

    0 to 5 hdc :        Gary Thomas # 2 ( Eagle ) & # 3
    6 to 8 hdc :        Al Hillman # 9
    9 & Up hdc :      N/A

   Note : We have 1 more week before the playoffs.
             Bank scores during the season will not be used for the playoffs.


As you all know we have a new handicap system in effect this year.  It matches up with the handicap system used by the CPGA.

It takes 5 rounds before a reliable handicap can be calculated for a new payer by the handicap system that the Rochester Mens League now uses.

So for the first few weeks of the season you may notice that scores are adjusted and points allocated by team may fluctuate over the first few weeks until a reliable handicap is established for all of the new players.  For new players, the lowest score recorded in their first five rounds is used in determining the handicap for that round and all previous rounds played.  So please be patient until things settle down in about a month from now. 

This year we have 3 categories for the skins competition:  0-5 division, 6-8 division and the 9 & up division.  I have shared spreadsheets via email that show those that signed up for and paid to participate in the skins competition and the closest to the pin competition.

You can also see on the sheets the areas highlighted in green those that got birdies during the first two weeks.  We are going to hold off announcing any skins winners until the handicaps for new players are finalized in a few weeks.  So please bear with us until we make those announcements.  

I also sent out a sheet showing those that have already banked scores so far this year.  As is the case every year, we encourage everyone to bank scores so that if you are sick, away on vacation or can't play due to rain, etc, a banked score can count for you when you can't play.  

All you have to do to bank a score is have the pro shop attendant stamp a score card for you when you are playing an "extra" round in addition to your normal league nine.  Then just drop that stamped score card into the Rochester Mens League pouch where all score care are placed and the committee will keep those scores for you on file for use on a week when you can't play.  It's that simple!


The guys that are entering the scoring into our league system are already reporting some issues this year with incomplete scorecards.  Please make sure everyone in your group on the card has their first and last names completed in full.  There are 130 guys in the league and it is difficult to guess at guys names.  If names are not recorded in full the score will not be counted.  At the conclusion of your round please ensure you put your scorecard into the Rochester Men League pouch in the pro shop.  

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